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Hardwood Floor Repair New Jersey NJ

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Before - Hardwood Floor Repair - New Jersey NJBefore Repair

During - Hardwood Floor Repair - New Jersey NJAfter Repair and Sanding

After - Hardwood Floor Repair - New Jersey NJ 
The final look after staining and finishing

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Replacing Stair Treads, balusters - Staircase Contractors, NJ New Jersey

Staircase Contractors, (NJ) New Jersey

Highway Flooring Inc.
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See more oak stair project pictures.

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Before Carpet Removal - Staircase Makeover - Stair Tread Replacement - New Jersey NJBefore removing carpet on stair steps

After Treads Replaced with Solid Oak - Staircase Makeover - Stair Tread Replacement - New Jersey NJ
After the stair treads being replaced with solid red oak treads, waiting to paint risers white.

Highway Flooring Inc.
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Sanding Refinishing Staircase Steps - Treads. New Jersey NJ

Staircase step - tread and floor sanding and refinishing
Highway Flooring Inc.
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Highway Flooring Inc.
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Hardwood Floor Installation/Installer/Contractor New Jersey NJ

Nail-down, Glue-down & Floating Installation

We offer reliable professional service. Don't leave your job to chance.

Once you have decided what kind of hardwood floor is right for you, it is important to select the right company to do the job. when you select a National Wood Flooring Association dealer or contractor for your hard wood floor installation or refinishing job, you are choosing a professional that has access to the most current information in the industry, the most technologically advanced prefinished or unfinished hardwood floors and systems, and a wealth of hardwood information at our fingertips.

- Standard wood floor installation is included in the price of "with-installation"hardwood flooring
- Custom wood floor installation prices vary according to wood types and pattern complexity
- The type of installation includs: nail down (staple down) solid hardwood floor, floating long-strip wood floor, glue down engineered wood floor
- For more information about hardwood floor installation, please contact us

Custom Design
- Hundreds of wood floor designs and wood varieties to choose from
- Create a one-of-a-kind wood floor design with a design consultant
- All wood floor designs are installed to customer specifications
- Perfect medallion and border for any room in your home or office

Here are some facts on our installation policies: (some policies can vary upon jobs)

Appliances: Highway Flooring Inc. is not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting of any gas, water or professionally installed appliances or fixtures. The customer must make arrangements for a professional to take care of this prior to and after our arrival.

Baseboards: Highway Flooring Inc. is not responsible for damage done. The tools used for proper installation can sometimes scrape or hit the wall. The customer must do any touch up after our services have been rendered. Our installers will of course try their best to cause as little damage as possible.

Doors: Highway Flooring Inc. will usually remove the doors from their hinges to allow proper installation. We will re-hang your doors once the floor is laid if they do not need cutting. Frequently, installation of new carpet or vinyl will prevent doors from swinging or sliding freely. You should have a qualified carpenter cut or shave the doors to fit.

Furniture: Highway Flooring Inc. will move some light furniture if necessary without charge. We ask you to empty the rooms as much as possible if not completely. If we do have to move items we are not responsible for their accidental damage. We will not move these items that follow: Water beds, pool tables, pianos, grandfather clocks, computers, lamps, books, dishes, pictures, stereos, electrical equipment, file cabinets, stoves, ranges, ice makers, valuables, or any other non-furniture items. We do not disconnect alarm systems, cable or any electrical connections. Customer must also empty out closets that will have new flooring installed.

Existing Flooring: Highway Flooring Inc. does not haul away old flooring materials. If requested we can cut up your old carpet into manageable pieces for your own trash hauler to remove them. If removal of an existing floor containing asbestos should become necessary during our installation, customer will have to arrange for this work to be done by a certified abatement specialist.

Highway Flooring Inc. is a professional hardwood floor installation company serving central New Jersey and New York City.

Sanding, Sandless, Staining, Refinishing, Recoating & Restoring, New Jersey NJ

We offer reliable professional service. Don't leave your job to chance.
Minimum job requirement: 400.sq.ft.
Sanding and refinishing hardwood floor is a very economical way to transform your home into a great indoor. It normally takes 2 to 4 days to complete a 800.sq.ft. job. Our professional crew has many years of experience of sanding, staining and refinishing wood flooring and stair treads.
Professional heavy-duty drum sander and edger are used for 95% dust free. All the door ways will be sealed by plastic sheet to prevent dust leak. Normally floor is sanded by coarse, medium and fine sand papers and buffer to ensure the surface get enough required smoothness. Buffing with 100 to 150 grit sand papers is essential between coats or before the first coat, the floor must be buffed with a buffer machine in order to prepare the floor and remove any unseen scratches.
For clear finish, penetrating sanding sealer is applied as first coat. Sealer may include a color and can be used to seal and stain the floor. Since sealer is applied right on bare wood, it will be mostly absorbed and dry in relatively short time, then another coat of polyurethane will applied. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for putting the last coat. Buffing between each polyurethane coat will be applied.
For color-stained floor, stain will serve as the protective sealer. darker stain will take much longer time to dry than lighter stain, depending on humidity level, temperature and air circulation. Normally two or three coats will be applied after the stain. To ensure the color even, the staining process is time consuming and skill intensive.
The sealer coat is vital to the durability of the finish. If a sealer is not applied, the finish will soon start to peeling. This is especially true in areas where there is big humidity fluctuation throughout the year.
We offer customer choice of: Oil-based or water-based polyurethane; semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. All our work is guaranteed to follow the guide of National Wood Flooring Association.
Customer's responsibility: the job site has to be clear with furniture before the scheduled date. We can remove carpet at small extra cost. Floor can not be walked on during the refinishing process and at least 28 hours after last coat applied. After 24 hours, light traffic is allowed. Normal traffic is allowed after 48 - 72 hours. Do not slide furniture on the floor, lift it into place after 48 hours. Area rugs can be put down after 14 days on water based finishes and 30 days for all other finishes. Furniture and rugs placed too soon may result in finish or surface damage. Some area rugs and padding may damage or discolor the finish. This type of damage as well as color change due to aging and intense sunlight in not the responsibility of Highway Flooring Inc.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Reference is available on request.

Apply oil-based polyurethane - Hardwood Floor Recoating - New Jersey NJ

Columbia Hardwood Floors & Engineered Wood Floors, New Jersey NJ

What began as an inspiration has become a new direction in hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. A company designed to celebrate the art of the floor.
Beautiful. Authentic. Handcrafted. Original.

Locally grown, harvested and crafted here in the United States. Our Classic American hardwood floors are designed to enhance any style of d├ęcor. Each floor with its own personality. Each floor as unique as your home.

Now available in Washington Oak and Congress Oak in 2-1/4" and 3-1/4" solid.

For an instant quote, please contact us: Email: njfloor@gmail.cocm, Phone: 732-287-9979

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Christmas Sale - Hardwood Floor NJ New Jersey

Christmas Holiday Sale Ends on Dec. 24. 2012 
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