Friday, November 16, 2018

Superior Hardwood Flooring Red Oak Select in Coffee color, Edison, New Jersey

This Canadian made hardwood flooring is a great deal. Most Canadian wood flooring manufacturers don't make any 5" wide plank flooring, due to solid floor stability concerns. This is a good example for people looking for wide plank, but not too wide, like 5" or wider. This product is 4-3/4"x 3/4" solid, which is very pretty for this new construction house in north Edison, NJ. 

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Quick Step Nature Tek Waterproof Laminate Flooring in New Jersey

New! Quick Step Nature Tek Waterproof Laminate Flooring in New Jersey. Check this out. The latest laminate technology money can buy.

Quick Step has combined cutting edge technology with the latest design trends to give you beautiful flooring with superior performance capabilities. Choose TEK for elegance built to perform.

Quick-Step engineers developed a full line of TEK products with patented technologies, including rigid resilient, waterproof laminate and enhanced hardwood to provide flooring that performs like never before.

Our designers layered innovative performance technology with unique style, incorporating fashion-forward design trends and the latest color palettes to achieve the look of high-end designer flooring. The result is like nothing else in the industry.

A waterproof laminate wood construction with ingenious design and long-lasting durability, gives you the perfect balance between elegant beauty and lifetime performance. Authentic wood style and proven performance keep homes with NatureTEK Plus flooring looking great.

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Quick Step Nature Tek Waterproof Laminate Flooring in New Jersey

Quick Step Nature Tek Waterproof Laminate Flooring in New Jersey

Capella Oak Hardwood Flooring 3-1/4"x 3/4" in New Jersey

Capella Oak Hardwood Flooring 3-1/4"x 3/4" is awesome value hardwood flooring. There are 4 colors available: Natural, Butterscotch, Gunstock, Saddle and Grey. The Grey color is so popular, so contemporary.
This is the most competitive oak flooring on the market made in the USA right now.

One of the quality indicators is there are many long boards when we install the floors; longer average boards gives beautiful varying mix to your new flooring.

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capella oak hardwood flooring new jersey grey butterscotch saddle

capella oak hardwood flooring new jersey installation installers

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Special Offers: Wire Brushed Red Oak and Hard Maple in New Jersey

4-1/4" Hard Maple and 3-1/4" Red Oak solid hardwood flooring on sale! Outstanding budget flooring.
Colors: Auburn, Natural, Sierra, Nevada, Walnut Brown, Vogue Promenade.

Beautiful wire brushed matte finish with distinctive red oak and hard maple characters.
Big sample display is in our showroom now.
Mirage Hardwood Flooring Special Offer Red Oak Hard Maple wire brushed matte
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shaw hardwood Flooring: Golden Opportunity, Bellingham, Madison Oak Floors in New Jersey NJ

Check out our new Shaw Hardwood Flooring display! Golden Opportunity Oak, Bellingham Oak, Madison Oak Plank Flooring, and so many more at unbelievable prices.

Shaw authorized dealer: Highway Flooring
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Preverco innovative new engineered hardwood floors in Edison NJ

Come and check out our new Preverco hardwood flooring updates in our Edison New Jersey Showroom.

The first of the company’s major announcements is the release of Genius16 and Max19, two traditional engineered platforms that have been reinvented to cater to the needs of today’s clients that are looking for longer and wider floor boards that are made locally and offered at competitive prices. What’s more, they are ideal for both condos and residential homes--and can be used for floors with radiant heating.
  • The Genius16 is a 5/8”-thick engineered floor that is available in super long ( 80% of boards are 88’’ and up) as well as wider widths of 5 3/16’’ & 7 3/16’’. It is composed of a 2 mm (≈ 3/32 in.) hardwood top layer on 14 mm (≈ 9/16 in.) Canadian plywood comprised of 5 layers.
  • The Max19 is a top-of-the-line 3/4”-thick engineered floor available in widths of 5 1/8” and 7 1/8”. It is composed of a 4 mm (≈ 5/32 in.) hardwood top layer on a 13 mm (≈ 1/2 in.) vertical quartersawn softwood filleted core and a 2 mm (≈ 3/32 in.) backer.
“Both the Genius16 and Max19 platforms are a step forward in offering longer and wider boards that are made locally and offered at affordable prices, which is quite an improvement from flooring made from foreign-based Baltic Birch plywood,” explained Jean-Fran├žois Dufresne, Preverco’s CEO.

Authorized Dealer in Edison NJ

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Waterproof, rigid core, and phthalate free luxury vinyl plank flooring in New Jersey NJ

While shopping for luxury vinyl plank flooring, phthalate free vinyl flooring becomes a important keywords. With new technologies, the 3rd generation luxury vinyl flooring is safe, waterproof, rigid core, durable and visually realistic. Quick Step luxury vinyl flooring and Tarkett Progen flooring claim phthalate free. Coretec claims GreenGuard Gold certification. Mannington Adura Max Plank Flooring is FloorScore Certified.

For the most advanced luxury vinyl floors on the market, also come and see our Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Plank, and Coretec Plus Plank Flooring displays.

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