Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Appalachian Flooring discontinued products list for 2016

We would like to take the time at this moment to advise you of the following products being discontinued. Please remove the samples from your retail environment as soon as possible. In order to facilitate the transition we will accept orders until March 31th 2016.

Birch Walnut
Hickory Toffee
White Oak Banff
Maple Hazelnut
Red Oak Expresso
Red Oak Twill (Haute Couture)

We would also like to inform you that we will be modifying some of our grade names to make them more consistent.  Changes will be as follow:

Hard Maple Engineered – Clear is becoming Prestige
Hickory – Millrun is discontinued
Birch – Millrun is discontinued. It will be replaced by a new grade called Pacific.

Appalachian Flooring

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hardwax Oil Maintenance

What does long-term maintenance look like for flooring with hardwax oil finish?
Nolan Luke, technical manufacturer rep specializing in hardwax oil floors for Regal Hardwoods Inc., answers:
Using hardwax oil on wood has been a European tradition since the 19th century. Improved by 21st century technology, hardwax oil floors can protect a wood floor for hundreds of years. What happens to your customers' floors, however, is determined by their maintenance habits.
Always follow the recommendations from the manufacturer of your specific finish, but in general, I recommend refreshing the hardwax oil finish in accordance with the daily wear on the floor. If there is low risk of having spills or dirt tracked on the floor, I would add a thin coat of refresher oil after the first cleaning and twice a year after that. If heavy wear is predicted, then I would add a coat four times a year. Besides refreshing the hardwax oil coating a few times a year, based on traffic and wear, the long-term maintenance should not vary much from the routine cleaning and dust-mopping.
For routine cleaning, I recommend mopping the floors with a rejuvenating soap—consumers must use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer, not those you would use on most wood floors. Alcohol-based products will dissolve hardwax oil finish. Also, homeowners should close drapes and blinds where excessive sunlight hits the floor, as that can cause the finish to become sticky.
In the event of stubborn stains, customers should lightly dampen a soft cloth with a manufacturer-recommended hardwood floor cleaner, allow the cleaner to sit on top for about 30 seconds, then lightly agitate and remove the stain. They should apply it directly to the trouble spot and repeat as necessary. If the stain persists, I recommend they contact a wood floor expert or the store where they purchased the flooring. In the event of a deep gouge or scrape, the color of the affected floor board(s) can be repaired by a professional expert without a need to replace the board in question.

Oiled Hardwood Floors: Duchateau, US Floors Castle Combe, Kahrs, Baltic Wood, Preverco, Homerwood, 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stair step tread renovation. Sayreville, NJ

red oak stair tread renovation, Sayreville, NJred oak stair tread renovation, Sayreville, NJ
After:  Stair tread renovation - Brand new stair red oak treads, Sayreville, NJ

red oak stair tread renovation, Sayreville, NJred oak stair tread renovation, Sayreville, NJ
Before: Pine treads wrapped with old carpet are not pretty and difficult to clean.

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Kahrs Engineered Hardwood Floors - NJ New Jersey NYC New York

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It began in 1857 when Johan Kähr the elder setup a shop in Nybro, Sweden, crafting wooden utility goods such as parts for spinning wheels.
In 1919, Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, set up the company AB Gustaf Kähr. Under his leadership the company developed and became an important and innovative producer of wooden doors, toys, furniture and flooring. Gustaf was dedicated to find efficient ways to use the sustainable wood raw material and to improve the stability of wood when used in building materials.
His perseverance paid off when in 1937 he received the patent for the invention of the modern multi-layer, laminated door.
Following upon this success Gustaf Kähr worked hard to find a solution for the problem of gapping, twisting and cupping of solid wood floors. After several years Kährs was awarded a patent, in 1941, for the invention of today’s modern engineered hardwood floor, the multilayer floor.

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Duchateau Hardwood Flooring 2015 Fall Sale - NJ New Jersey NYC New York

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Ernest Hemingway: Basalt, Cask, Sand, Mongrove
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Duchateau Flooring: Chateau - Olde Dutch, Chateau - Kasteel, Chateau - Antique White, Chateau - St. Moritz, Chateau - White Oiled, Vernal - St. Tropez;

Duchateau Flooring: Vernal - Lugano, Vernal - Davos, Riverstone - Olde Grey, Riverstone - Danube, Terra - Nile, Terra - Zimbabwe, Fine Sawn - Antique White.
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Staircase Solid Red Oak ReTread Replacement - Monmouth Junction, NJ



Staircase Treads, Posts, Railings n Balusters Renovation - Piscataway, NJ (5)

Day Four: The wrought iron balusters arrived, and installed. the newly installed red oak treads were protected with old carpet for next step - staining and finishing. A strong brand new staircase was born.

Staircase Treads, Posts, Railings n Balusters Renovation - Piscataway, NJ

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