Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Armstrong Vivero Vinyl Flooring - NJ New Jersey, NYC New York City

Armstrong Vivero Vinyl Flooring

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New Vivero luxury flooring offers beautiful looks combined with exclusive Diamond 10™ Technology for enhanced durability.
Realistic Visuals
  • Rustic, traditional, and exotic hardwoods
  • Natural stone looks
Diamond-Hard Performance
Diamond 10 Technology makes Vivero the most durable flooring offered by Armstrong.

Diamonds are nature's hardest substance.
New Vivero flooring is made with patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology, Armstrong's exclusive manufacturing process that includes real diamonds.
Why Vivero Flooring with Diamond 10 Technology*
  • More scratch resistance than other competitive luxury flooring products
  • 100% waterproof planks**
  • Resists spills, dirt, scuffs, and staining
  • Effortless cleaning
* Available on Vivero Best and Better Floors.
** When exposed to water, Vivero tiles/planks will not swell, buckle, or lose integrity.

IntegriLock™ System* - the first 5G locking system of its kind in luxury flooring
  • Installs securely over most subfloors
  • Minimal prep and no glue
  • Quick, clean installation
*Available on Best and Better floors only. Produced under license from Valinge Innovation.
Glue Down - traditional full-spread.
Traditional Angle Locking - quick and simple for Vivero "Good" floors.

For every Vivero™ floor style, there's a trim designed to match.
Multi-Purpose Trim
  • Transitions to varying levels
  • Can be used as T-molding or surface reducer
Stairnose Trim
  • Finishes the edges of stairs, step downs, or landings

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brazilian Cherry / Cumaru / Tigerwood / Sucupira Hardwood Flooring Sale - NJ New Jersey, NYC New York City

One Week Sale ! Ends March 31, 2016
(Minimum 500 sq.ft. order, while supplies last.)

Email:   Phone: 732-287-9979

Per sq.ft. Prices:
¾ x 3” Select & Better Brazilian Cherry Natural @ $5.69
¾ x 3” Select & Better Cumaru Natural @ $6.99
¾ x 3” Select & Better Sucupira Natural @ $6.49
¾ x 3” Brazilian Tigerwood Natural @ $5.69
¾ x 4” Select & Better Brazilian Cherry Natural @ $5.89
¾ x 5 ½” Select & Better Brazilian Cherry Natural @ $5.79
¾ x 5 ½” Brazilian Tigerwood Natural @ $6.29

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Horizon Hardwood Flooring Sale - NJ New Jersey, NYC New York City

Horizon Floors Royal Exotics, Spring Sale
(Minimum 500 sq.ft. order. Now to May 31, 2016 while supplies last.)

Imperial Chestnut: Verona and Sonoma  $4.59/sq.ft.
Acacia: Natural and Roasted Walnut  $5.69/sq.ft.

Email:   Phone: 732-287-9979

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lauzon Hardwood Floors - Ambiance Collection Sale - NJ New Jersey

Ends June 30, 2016
Minimum 500 sq.ft. order

Lauzon Hardwood Flooring 3-1/4" Ambiance Collection Sale start at $4.99/sq.ft.
Natural Beech, Hard Maple, Red Oak and Yellow Birch in Pacific Grade;
Stained Red Oak, Hard Maple and Yellow Birch in Pacific Grade;
Select & Better Natural Red Oak, Hard Maple and Yellow Birch;

Semi-gloss and Pearl Finish

Phone: 732-287-9979

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Fall 2019 Rebate Promotion Sale - NJ New Jersey, NYC New York City

Mirage Floors Fall Sale. $0.50/sq.ft. Rebate on your Mirage floors purchase.
from Sep. 30 to Nov. 02, 2019
For more information, go to
Mirage Escape Collection and Elemental Collection are not qualified for this promotion. 

Complete rules available at Offer valid at participating dealers only. Residential sales only. This promotion cannot be combined to any other offer or to product sold at special pricing form Mirage.

Ask about additional store discount.
Ask about our Best Price Guarantee!

Driving Direction: 1677 Lincoln Hwy. Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-287-9979

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

DuChâteau New Pricing Structure - NJ New Jersey NYC New York City

Always at the forefront of the industry, DuChâteau announces new, streamlined pricing structure for its luxury hardwood flooring division. The new, lower pricing structure goes into effect March 1, 2016 and promises to make doing business with our ever-growing brand even easier.
The new pricing essentially distills the wide variety of individual product prices down to a collection-based pricing system. Now, a mere four prices replace the previous system, covering all of the established hardwood collections of DuChâteau. Part of this dramatic shift includes the official removal of The Fine Sawn Collection from the Hardwood Flooring Division to be replaced by a more elegantly distressed collection in time for our mid-year sales meeting. Collectively, this will surely make for an exciting year in sales.

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Changes for Appalachian Hardwood Floors in 2016 - NJ New Jersey

Changes for Appalachian Hardwood Floors in 2016

Discontinued Colors: Yellow Birch Walnut, Hickory Toffee, White Oak Hazelnut, Red Oak Expresso;

Colors moved from Signature to Special FX (now 15% gloss): Maple and Yellow Birch in Limestone, Maple and Yellow Birch in Nickel, Maple and Yellow Birch and Red Oak in Cobalt, Maple and White Oak in Basalt.

New Colors: Alta Moda Red Oak Oxford, Villa Europa Maple Madrid, Special FX Maple Yellow Birch Beach Sand, Spcial FX Maple Metal FX, Special FX Red Oak Metal FX Wire-Brushed.

Phone: 732-287-9979