Thursday, November 29, 2012

Armstrong PERFORMANCE PLUS Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Performance Plus is Armstrong’s new state-of-the-art flooring designed for homeowners who want hardwood for their home, but don’t want to worry about scratches, dents and scuffs from heavy traffic. Available Hardwood Species Birch, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut Sports cleats? Pet claws or paws? High heels? We say bring it. Performance Plus has got your back. “Beyond the superior hardness of Performance Plus, you’ll love the rich colors that bring out the graining detail of many well-known domestic species.” Sara Babinski, Armstrong Designer.

The world's toughest hardwood finish. The ultimate protection against scratches, scuffs and wear.

Acrylic Filled. Up to 2.5 times harder than regular wood, Performance Plus resists dents and dings from household objects that may accidentally be dropped on your floor. Your floor withstands the day to day punishment of active living and stay beautiful.

The combination results in the world's toughest hardwood floor.
This according to the Janka rating scale, which measures the resistance of a type of wood to withstand denting and wear.

All Armstrong Performance Plus engineered floors are harder than Brazilian Cherry.

Warranty: Lifetime Limited Residential, 10-year Commercial.

Finish: Permion finish with Nano-coating for added scratch resistance. Or email: for a free quote.

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