Monday, August 26, 2013

Hardwood Floor Labor Day Sale - New Jersey NJ

Unbeatable prices for Limited Time; 400 sq.ft. min. while supplies last:

$3.69/sq.ft. White oak solid hardwood flooring Gunstock, Buttersotch; Available in Natural;

$2.99/sq.ft. Engineered hardwood flooring,Engineered oak hardwood flooring, 50 years warranty. Click and Lock floating installation, 127mm x 10mm x random 400mm to 1200mm, 19.68sqft/carton, colors: Natural Oak, Sonoran Grey, Mojave Brown, Saguaro Grey. Hurry in!

$5.59/sq.ft. Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring, Natural Oak, 3-5/8"x 3/4";
Also available in Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), Kempass, Brazilian Oak in low prices.

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