Wednesday, March 12, 2014

KonoSwiss Floors - The Best AC Rated Laminate Flooring - NJ New Jersey NYC

KonoSwiss Floors:

The Grand Selection Oak product ranges‘ designs have a great role model: natural wood flooring. It looks amazingly similar to this role model too. There‘s more though: the floors are also an experience to the touch. Wood from sustainable forest management that has grown in Swiss forests is used for all flooring. The range carries a 35 year warranty. 

We are convinced that good interior decoration starts from the "floor" up because in the living area, and also in the business area, innovative design plays a pivotal role. In order to live up to the highest aesthetic demands, we are always searching for the latest trends.

Colors: Beaver, Isabelline, Ecru, Lion, Carmel, Sand, Umber.

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