Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing Armstrong Prime Harvest Oak Plank Hardwood Flooring, NJ, NYC

A Fresh Perspective on an Enduring Classic
5"x 3/4" solid, high gloss or low gloss; 5"& 3"x1/2" Engineered, medium gloss;

For generations, oak has reigned as the most popular choice in hardwood floors, and with good reason. The welcoming warmth of its distinctive grain. The dependable strength of every plank. The ready abundance of stout, American timber.

But the familiarity that comes from such lasting popularity can disguise oak's potential for extraordinary style and sophistication.

By starting with the highest grades of hand-selected oak, crafting it to exacting standards, and finishing it in and array of colors inspired by the latest trends in home fashion, Armstrong has taken oak to a new level.

A level that enables you to have a premium hardwood floor that is both an indulgence in style and a lasting investment in your home.

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